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Leadership Coach | Professional Speaker

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Blueprint Coaching Circle

  • Get Clear on Your Vision and Create Meaningful Goals

  • Build a Strong Network That Supports Your Dreams

  • Become More Confident and Authentic

  • Embrace Your Unique Skills, Interests, and Talents

  • Take Control of Your Time and Energy

The Blueprint Coaching Circle (BCC) is an online group coaching program especially for leaders or teams who desire to be more authentic, build a strong and supportive network, and make even greater contributions to their families, communities, and businesses.


It's Time to...


  • Bring your vision to life, prioritize goals and do what matters most.

  • Get rid of what gets in the way of personal growth and fulfillment.

  • Embrace and apply unique skills, interests, and talents.

  • Build a network that supports and holds you accountable to your vision.

It's time to make your move!

How it works


  • You will have six bi-monthly, 60-minute online group coaching sessions.

  • Two, 30-minute individual coaching sessions with Valerie.

  • You will be paired with an accountability partner within the group.

As your coach, I will work with the group in identifying and focusing on your goals and overcoming any barriers to growth and change. Between sessions, you’ll have assignments designed to support you achieving those goals.


To ensure a balanced and dynamic community environment, participants must apply to the program in order to determine eligibility.


Executive Coaching

You'll participate in six bi-monthly online group sessions, plus two one-on-one coaching sessions with Valerie. You will gather powerful insights, create innovative strategies, and access invaluable resources to achieve your goals.


Exclusive Peer Network

You will connect and engage with a diverse network of 6 -12 peers during group coaching sessions. These confidential sessions are designed so you can share openly and generate powerful insights with one another.


Support & Accountability

You and your peers will have regular access to me as your coach. You will also have the opportunity to encourage one another, share successes, and challenge one another to stay on track with what you want to achieve. Each participant to be paired with a committed colleague for on-going support.

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Why This?


Thanks to my mother, I learned in my teens that bringing joy and purpose to everything I do makes a significant difference in my performance and my well-being. I now guide and support others in creating a personal blueprint for a successful and purpose-filled life.


I've worked with amazing leaders in both corporate and nonprofit environments for the past 20+ years. My executive coaching certification from U.C. Berkeley combined with several powerful personal development programs has equipped me with unique skills and abilities to:


  • Approach challenges and accountability with empathy, fun, and positivity.

  • Find imaginative ways to get leaders unstuck and connected to a life they love.

  • Embrace diverse cultures and work with different personalities comfortably.



$600 for this exclusive 6-week program

(We meet every other week)


The next session will be starting on:

Fall/Winter 2019

Session dates:

  • October 29 - Orientation to open the Circle

  • November 5 & 19

  • December 3 & 17

  • January 7 & 21

  • January 28 - Completion to close the Circle






Please send an email to for more information 

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