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Not Quite Strangers

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Meaningful conversations between people, not quite strangers, that inspire curiosity, build connection, and challenge the status quo.

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How Our Growth Inspires Contribution? | Personal Development Ep. 78  |  Valerie Hope

How Our Growth Inspires Contribution? | Personal Development Ep. 78 | Valerie Hope

Welcome! We are excited to have you here for an insightful discussion on personal development. Don't miss this opportunity to explore how our growth inspires contribution. This video provides a comprehensive overview, covering key aspects such as how our growth inspires contribution, for further details you can visit: This video covers the following subjects: - What is contribution to growth? - How purposeful growth leads to meaningful contribution? - Personal growth and its impact on contribution ************************** How Our Growth Inspires Contribution | Ep. 78 | Valerie Hope Strangers: Felipe Ferreira & Valerie Hope From: Brazil/Germany & Panama/Texas, USA Connect: Felipe Ferreira - Valerie Hope - **************** Resources: • Gathering Behind the Scenes Not Quite Strangers Spotify Playlist: • TEDx Talk - How to Connect to Joy at Work: **************** Our channel is dedicated to providing a wealth of captivating content on personal development. Discover how personal development can elevate us through engaging discussions. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and access new and past episodes! To receive episodes and personal 'Connection Challenges' in your inbox, subscribe at How our growth inspires contribution, that obviously intrigues you and other individuals I made this video about this topic. Explore our collection of informative videos