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Introducing - Not Quite Strangers
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Not Quite Strangers

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Meaningful conversations between people, not quite strangers, that inspire curiosity, build connection, and challenge the status quo.

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💫 Ep. 56 - Not Quite Strangers: Meet Jae Maye & Shelly Tochluk

💫 Ep. 56 - Not Quite Strangers: Meet Jae Maye & Shelly Tochluk

From: Alabama, USA & California, USA Talk About: Coming to terms with skin color Connect with: Julius Maye • LinkedIn: LinkedIn/in/juliusmayejr Shelly Tochluk Video: • Racial Justice Freeway - Books/Articles: • Witnessing Whiteness: The Journey into Racial Awareness and Antiracist Action, Third Edition • Living in the Tension: The Quest for a Spiritualized Racial Justice • On-ramps and Lanes on the Racial Justice Freeway Shelly’s monthly newsletter - Website: Resources: • Homeland (TV show) • Dear White People - Books: • My Grandmother’s Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending our Hearts and Bodies Subscribe to my YouTube channel and access new and past episodes! To receive episodes and personal 'Connection Challenges' in your inbox, subscribe at #NotQuiteStrangers #ConnectToJoy #Inspiration #Diversity #Inclusion #Race #EqualJusticeInitiative #Reconciliation 💬Let's connect💬 • Website: • NQS Challenges: • Instagram: • Twitter: • Facebook: Challenge: Ask the children in your life to share why they like their favorite foods/sports/movies.

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