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Valerie Hope

Leadership Coach, Speaker, and Facilitator

"Don't ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive and go do it.
Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."

Howard Thurman,
Theologian and Civil Rights leader

Journey to Purpose

Being an ever-curious and creative learner/teacher has served me well on this path as a leadership coach, speaker, and facilitator. Applying those traits to the past 20 years in the non-profit and corporate world sharpened my abilities to engage others in customizing their organizational and individual leadership strategies. This really lights me up! I thank my mother for this. My mother strongly encouraged my brothers and me to get involved in our community when we were in elementary school. Especially during summer breaks. Our mother knew that playing video games and sleeping in all summer wasn't going to be as fulfilling as we kids thought it would. Community involvement radically shaped my view of work. One summer, I volunteered at the front desk of the local military base’s physical fitness center. That was the summer I realized how energized and alive I could feel at work! My role was to help members check out equipment, tour facilities, and sign up for local sporting events. I lost all track of time while connecting with people from all over the world to the resources they needed. At the end of each day, the center supervisor had to ask me to go home! By the end of that summer, I had logged more hours at work than most of the paid staff! Years later, my mother ran into that supervisor and he remembered the impact I had on the center and on his team! Since then, the standard for my life and career has been to engage in diverse, dynamic activities each day, while embracing the joy of helping others succeed. I've learned that life is the best teacher and the human being is the star pupil. This has led me to uncover my recipe for aliveness that is the foundation of the work I do with my clients. The recipe I use to support and guide my clients is what I call the O.M.G. to aliveness! •Own who you are and what matters to you. •Master connection with others to expand your circle of influencers. •Give your skills and talents to contribute to humanity.

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  • B.A. Public Relations & Spanish - University of Alabama

  • Executive Coaching Certification - U.C. Berkeley

  • Psych-K® Master Facilitator/Practitioner

  • HeartMath® Building Resilience Facilitator


  • 20+ years in non-profit & corporate organizations

  • Former Regional Director of Learning at Hyatt Corporation

  • Lived with more than 400 host families throughout North America, South America, and Europe

  • Native Spanish speaker



Articles & Books

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