Leadership Coaching 

A session, course, seminar or workshop starts and ends. It's the equivalent of getting a vitamin or shot in the arm. They are a great introduction to key concepts, insights and learn new skills. The challenge is putting those concepts and insights to work in your own life while navigating any obstacles that come along. 


Individual and group coaching programs start and continue. They are the equivalent of physical therapy by doing targeted work to implement concepts, insights and hone your skills to impact your unique needs.

Infuse your life with


Individual Coaching programs

With my guidance, you will:

  • Define and launch your vision and goals.

  • Own, master and contribute your unique talents in all areas of your life.

  • Design a plan to break through any roadblocks or challenges.

  • Build a dynamic network of support and accountability.


Coaching packages comprise of 60-minute one-on-one executive coaching or personal coaching sessions. To determine how many sessions set up a complimentary coaching strategy session with me below to determine your next steps.

Group Coaching programs

The power of a group working together to transform is undeniable. Ideas grow stronger when shared, insights deepen when heard from other perspectives, and transformation is celebrated in real-time by peers.


Group coaching options: 

  • Blueprint Coaching Circle - A 6-week group coaching program designed for leaders and teams who want to harness the power of a group to clarify their vision and achieve their dreams.

  • "Time to Come Alive" Free weekly public inspiration video podcast sessions featuring guests who share personal triumphs and challenges that sparked them into action.


Coaching Circle

Do Something Great!

This is a 6-week group coaching program designed for leaders who desire to be more authentic, build a strong and supportive network, and make greater contributions to their family, community, and businesses.

inspirational video podcasts

Sessions feature a guest and inspirational conversation to support listeners in becoming more conscious, connected, and creative.

Join me for a dose of inspiration and the boost you might need!​

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