Keynotes, Seminars and Workshops

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Every event is crafted to support you and your team to become more conscious, connected, and creative! Valerie’s vision is to inspire and activate the world to come alive each time she steps in front of an audience.


Her experience and passion allow her to customize content for topics such as:

  • Purpose-Driven Leadership

  • Multicultural Relationship-Building

  • Inspired Vision and Goal Setting

  • Meaningful Work/Life Balance

  • Authentic Communication

  • Strategic Mentoring & Networking


Your team will experience expanded success, the freedom to tap into their genius, and an environment of support and accountability.

Speaking Topics


Create an environment of empathy and trust

Optimize communication and collaboration

Envision and act with the end in mind

Connect with others in meaningful ways

Leaders Listen for Greatness:

Practical Empathy


Time is a limited resource and many leaders, while juggling multiple meetings and mountains of emails, may find it challenging to remain connected to their team and customers. While most of us communicate using a variety of methods, ordinarily, leaders invest the majority of the time honing their speaking skills in order to run a meeting, conduct client presentations, or lead team training sessions. Extraordinary leadership performance is centered around the way leaders listen to their team members, bosses, and customers.


Learn how to:


  • Remain present and grounded in the face of stressful situations.

  • Use key non-verbal and verbal techniques to support listening deeply.

  • Access their empathy to better resolve conflict

  • Build influence and effectively connect with others.


Power With vs. Power Over:

The Science of Influence & Collaboration


Getting others to buy into new ideas or breaking down silos can be daunting. Learn how to leverage brain science to build partnership and trust in order to build teams and communication systems that work. If you’re lucky, you’ll avoid stepping on any landmines like their fight or flight instinct. This instinct is a valuable survival mechanism, but when triggered, it can break down communication and eventually, relationships. Explore how do you get others interested in your ideas? What will get the team working together even better?


Learn how to:

  • Avoid triggering the fight or flight mechanism in others.

  • Gain influence and collaborate more effectively.

  • Address others' concerns and determine the best method to address the situation.

Creating and Achieving Goals That Matter


Have the goals and milestones set at the off-site retreat lost their luster and now lie passively in a slide deck or a binder on the shelf?


What if every goal set and every move made was aligned with a clear and compelling vision of the future? How would that alter the choices made each day?

This session will bring them to life! Teams and individuals will be inspired and focused on organizational and personal visions, while effortlessly achieving important milestones.


Stephen Covey’s bestseller “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” says “Your most important work is always ahead of you, never behind you.”



Learn how to:

  • Create a working blueprint of leadership vision and goals.

  • Identify potential obstacles to goals and include a plan to address them.

  • Build partnerships to support and hold each other accountable.

Creating Your Circle of Influencers


If you set goals, then expect to achieve them on your own, your success will likely be limited. Having the right people in your corner can make all the difference in your success.


Leaders also benefit by creating, relying on, and nurturing a circle of people who have key strengths, abilities, and connections that can guide, support and challenge you to achieve your goals and bring your vision to life.

Learn how to:

  • Identify four types of partnerships that are essential for your personal circle of influencers.

  • Evaluate, define and leverage your current partnerships.

  • Create a strategy to revitalize your circle.