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Secrets to Creating Your

Circle of Influencers

How to leverage who you know to get what you want


If you want to go fast, go alone.

If you want to go far, go together.

- African wisdom

What do people who reach their goals consistently do? They set goals. Then seek mentors. Next, they strategize. Then, they reach their goals.

Conventional wisdom tells us to go it alone. Yet, going alone = not reaching goals.

Having the proper network makes all the difference in your success.

For example, if I want to bounce new ideas around, I reach out to my creative friend, Alicia, or my brother Eduardo. When I call Grace, she grounds me when I feel scattered. Bob and Jane, now retired professional speakers, give me feedback on business proposals and my presentations. ​There are many more who have generously shared their time, resources, and brilliance with me. 

What a relief to have such a diverse and gifted Circle of Influencers who provide guidance, resources, connections, and make me a better leader. I never feel like I'm on my own and can get better results much faster!

It's all about how to leverage who you know to get what you want.

Support Group

This simple idea (my Circle) taught me the deeper meaning of ‘networking’. To surround myself with people with whom I can easily exchange our gifts. This helped me in my decision-making process. Especially on how to better achieve the vision that I created for my future."

Felipe Ferreira

Corporate Learning Professional

Imagine if you could:

  • Reach out directly to someone for guidance who has been there and done that

  • Boost your confidence by getting directions to the path to a promotion, negotiating the deal, or handling a difficult situation

  • Know exactly what, when, and how to do something without figuring it all out on your own

  • Spend your time and energy networking with people who make a difference in your life

  • Stop collecting meaningless digital connections and make purposeful human connections

That is the power of your network.

Formalizing my Circle in my head shifted the way I looked at my challenges. Meeting with people and seeing how receptive they were to my ideas gave me confidence and helped push me to keep moving forward. They almost always connected me to more people who would help."

Janet Morrison Lane

Youth Leadership Program Director

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