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Valerie Hope


Leadership Coaching 

Workshops, courses, seminars/webinars have a limited shelf-life. They are the equivalent of taking a vitamin or getting a booster shot. They are a great introduction to key concepts, insights and to learn new skills.


The greater challenge is putting those concepts and insights to work in your own life while navigating any obstacles that come along. 


Individual and group coaching programs are designed to not only jumpstart, but also focus, deepen, and expand the impact.


They are the equivalent of physical therapy! Doing the necessary targeted work to implement concepts, insights, and hone skills that lead to optimal results.


Infuse your personal and professional life with



One-on-One Coaching

With my guidance, you will:

  • Define and launch your vision and goals

  • Own, master, and contribute your unique talents in all areas of your life

  • Design a plan to break through any roadblocks or challenges

  • Evaluate and establish meaningful relationships

  • Develop and leverage effective communication skills 

  • Build a dynamic network of support and accountability


Coaching packages available for 60-minute, one-on-one leadership coaching sessions.


Set up a complimentary coaching strategy session with me below to determine your next steps.

Group Coaching

The power of a group working together to transform is undeniable. Ideas grow stronger when shared, insights deepen when heard from other perspectives, and transformation is celebrated in real-time by peers.

Looking for a group coaching experience? Let's design a program together!


Valerie me ayudó mucho en mis sesiones de Coaching, especialmente abrirme más, a ser más introspectivo, analizarme y todo esto me permitió llegar mejor a la gente. Sus consejos, diálogos y análisis me permitieron evolucionar como líder. Valoro mucho haber tenido a Valerie de coach, soy muy agradecido a ella."

Leandro Livschitz

Park Hyatt Mendoza | General Manager

She was direct, focused, and committed to the results I was after for my family and company. Her probing questions and innovative ideas made a real difference."

Scott Mairs

MPG Partners | Managing Partner

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