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Ep. 95 - Time To Come Alive: “Creating Magic In Life” With Amy Lynn Durham, Executive Coach, Corporate Mystic

Updated: Jul 9

Not Quite Strangers | Workplace

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Time To Come Alive: “Creating Magic In Life” With Amy Lynn Durham, Executive Coach, Corporate Mystic

When you think about a goal that you have or a problem that you'd like to solve, how do you go about choosing which tool you want to use, which resource, or which connection you'd like to leverage to resolve it? In those times, what is your go-to? Which is that tool, instrument, or resource that you seem to draw on most frequently or that you have the greatest level of comfort with? Thank you for tuning in. As you know, every week, we have an opportunity to have enlightening conversations with someone to help us become more mindful, more conscious, more connected, and more creative.


The good news is you guys know I meet people in some of the most interesting ways and today is no exception. I met Amy Lynn Durham, whom I'll be introducing in a moment. Amy and I have known each other for maybe two months or something like that. Not very long, but we have some mutual friends who love and adore you, I was like, “I need to meet this lady.”


I had the fortune of getting together with precisely that group of people from the University of California, Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute. We all are peers from that particular Institute. We got together and you did a cool tarot card reading for us, which as a group, we've never done together. It brought up some amazing conversations between all of us and then also some self-discovery. I'm still processing a lot of the stuff you said. First of all, thank you so much for being on my show, Amy. Welcome.


Thank you so much for having me. I'm excited to be here. We raised a lot of energy. I couldn't even sleep. I was like, “It was a lot of energy that was raised.”


First of all, before we get into that, I want to come back to this. What else should we know about you?


The main thing that everyone should know about me is one of my main goals is that I want to make sure we all work together to bring collaboration, heart, and human connection into the workplace. The biggest piece missing from that is people are afraid to be their authentic selves at work. I'm speaking about that because that was me.


I'm branded now as the Corporate Mystic but really, I was corporate at my old job and I was the mystic at home. I had a real transformational experience at the Berkeley Coaching Institute and that helped me. I realized I was splitting myself. I don't know if that's a psychological phrase or not but I'm going to claim it.


I wasn't bringing my full authentic self into every single room that I walked in. That was one of the most transformational moments in my life when I realized that and decided that I'm going to be who I am wherever I am no matter what. If everybody could have the courage and the vulnerability to do that, our world would heal a lot faster. If leaders understand how powerful that is to allow people to be that way, that would be an amazing day.


The world would heal a lot faster if everyone could be who they truly want to be.

You've given us quite a bit to unpack there. First things first, when you say the word mystic, what does that mean?


I don't want to say I have spiritual intelligence and other people don't because that's not the case. Everybody has it, but it's working with it, cultivating your intuition, tapping into it, working to bring it to the forefront of your life, and putting your ego aside for the greater good. It's a little bit of humility and all of those things. Everybody has that within them. Everyone has intuition. Do you shove it down or do you start taking a moment and listening to what your higher self is telling you, and then maybe make decisions from there?


You mentioned you were corporate at work and then mystic at home. Give us a picture. Take us there. What was the snapshot of Amy at work versus Amy at home?


This is how I like to describe it. If you know your star sign in astrology, I am Capricorn Sun, but I'm a Pisces Moon. Typically if you look up your moon sign in astrology, it's who you are at home. The Pisces Moon is the mystic and the psychic, and then Capricorn is the corporate worker bee. I was splitting those two things. When I went home, all I did was study tarot. I would read all sorts of spiritual intelligence-type things, Eckhart Tolle, meditation, and setting intentions.


I worked with the phases of the moon. That was my crystals. I do appreciation anchors for an emotional management strategy for people and things like that. I was doing all of that for myself at home, then I would walk out my door and I would go to work as Amy the executive director. I wasn't bringing any of that to the workplace, which is a shame because it helps connect people and increases profit and productivity.


When I decided to leave my corporate job in 2018, I planned for a year to leave my job. What I did was I utilized my team and my employees as sort of research if you will on these spiritual intelligence activities or tools like you were talking about in the beginning. It proved in the field that these things work. That's when I started bringing my full self to the table. Once I attended the Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute, as you know, the lid flew off exactly the opposite. All of a sudden, I did Create Magic At Work. I used to hide at home and now I'm doing tarot gatherings. It's been crazy.

That's phenomenal. We sometimes live in a context that doesn't necessarily pull for people going beyond what the norm or the status quo is. Often we're trapped in that. Some of it is internal. I can see that in certain corporate spaces is not like, “Amy, what is your intuition? Tell us what the Capricorn Sun has to say about our third-quarter earnings.”


I can see that's not the conversation that generally comes up. I'd love to get a moment. Tell us a moment at work when you were in this corporate role that you felt you wanted to utilize or contribute your intuition before you started experimenting with your colleagues. Can you tell us about a moment when you felt drawn to but you held back?


When I felt drawn to and held back?


If there's something that you could have said but held it back knowing that they might think it is odd, strange, or crazy.


I don't know if there was a specific moment, but I would say every meeting. For example, I would be involved every single morning. This is one example of one position I held where I had to phone in every day and report our financial data and our sales numbers. There was no connection on that call. There was no, “How are you?” It was quick. I could have programmed a robot to call in and rattle off the numbers from the computer that was sitting right in front of everybody anyway.


Noticing things like that, to me, that's taking the human out of the workplace. Why are we even on this call together unless we're connecting? Nobody is going to remember the numbers. If you went around to everybody on the call and asked them what they're grateful for today, I would remember that Jimmy said he was grateful for his mom saying she's in remission from cancer. I’ll be like, “Jimmy is going through that? Let me reach out to him and see if he needs help later this week.” Little tiny things like that. It doesn't have to be some huge tarot reading, my crystal grid I'm making for you, or whatever. It can be, “Valerie, what are you grateful for today?” in a group setting. That has been some of the most impactful times I've had with my team. It was giving them a chance to share that they're human.


I love that and you're right, it doesn't take a lot. It doesn't even necessarily require some powerful intuitive sense to do that. What you're pointing to is sometimes we lean away from the skills that bring people together for the sake of efficiency, for the sake of following our logic as opposed to our emotion in some decisions.


I'll give you an example. Before Thanksgiving, we had a road trip with my brother. We met up with my cousin and they were talking about, “It's been so long since we've seen each other. We need to do a family reunion, it would be great. Let's do Thanksgiving.” They said, “Let's get Valerie to coordinate it because she's good at coordinating stuff.”


I hate coordinating people. I might be good at doing it in comparison to others primarily because I worked in a corporate setting a lot. You learn how to set up meetings, do Google Meets, and all that good stuff. They sent this huge email saying, “Valerie, guess what? We want to do something for Thanksgiving. We've got to put you in charge.”


My heart sank. I would love to see my family and get everybody together but I hate having that. I felt the weight of having to coordinate people. It is not my gift. I shied away at first. My mom was like, “Valerie you should do it because you you do have a knack for bringing people together.” I was like, “Okay.” What they think of me coordinating stuff is what I see as connecting people.


I told them, “I'm a little intimidated by having to coordinate the logistics. That’s not my gift, but I'm great at bringing people together. If you're open to us making a team out of this, I'm down.” What was so beautiful was that when we had our first call, I was able to bring in all these other cousins who wouldn't have participated before.


On the call, instead of launching into, “It's November 20-something. Let's start planning. What are we got to bring and who's coming,” I said, “What would you like to say about our Thanksgiving gathering at the end of this?” We've done it, we've all come together, and we set a vision which is what I love to do. We set a vision for it and it was beautiful because that vision helped us make decisions about where we spend money, where we don't, where we spend time and energy, and where we don't. I’ve struggled with the decision and that was in my family of bringing something that I thought would find connection and as you said, bring that humanity. In your world or your life, what was it that prevented you from taking that step? What do you think?


If we want to get big with the answer, I feel this is a true answer. It goes to women in the workplace and how I thought I was supposed to behave in the corporate world as a woman and as a leader. I've read a lot about, “Don't act like a man, bring your gifts to the table as a woman” For me, I call it divine feminine energy. We need both divine masculine energy and divine feminine energy in the workplace.


I think it goes back to acting in a way you think is acceptable in the workplace. It's down to the majority of leaders being men, especially in the workplace that I was at. The majority of those leaders were White men. They were very comfortable looking at data, looking at financial records, and putting together quarterly business reviews where you stand up in front of everybody and get grilled, which was fine, but guess what they weren't comfortable with? They weren't comfortable with showing vulnerability in the workplace. They weren't comfortable in the beginning with a connecting activity, like sharing what you want to let go of in your life or maybe what your ultimate goal is at work with someone in a group.


Once I realized that my creativity and my divine feminine energy were a compliment to the workplace rather than hiding it, I saw some real changes within myself and also within my work. I think it was recognized by other men as well. Men want this stuff. They want to feel safe. They're craving it. They're told when they're little boys, sometimes you're not allowed to cry. They grow up in this space where they're afraid to feel vulnerable because they think it shows weakness when courage and vulnerability are some of the biggest strengths that you can show. I don't know if that answers your question, but it took me down that road.

Not Quite Strangers | Workplace
Workplace: Men grow up in a space where they are afraid to feel vulnerable, thinking it shows weakness. In reality, courage and vulnerability are some of the biggest strengths you can show.


That's wonderful. I've taken some PAX programs. They do a lot of understanding men and understanding women courses. One of the things that I hear you're saying is that there are many men. What I've learned is that there's a drive internally in how their brains are wired to produce results and solve problems. It’s that hunter's instinct to hunt for this solution or the goal. It also requires them to be single-focused but also conceal some of those perceived weaknesses or vulnerabilities as they might get in the way of achieving the goal or resolving the problem.


What I'm hearing you say also is that in an environment where you have people that have a lot of different gifts and talents in their toolbox that could all be working towards fulfilling that goal or solving the problem, it can enhance the experience and get there faster. Perhaps, get their feeling even better and more accomplished in the long run. That feminine energy brings connection and partnership. It brings the panorama rather than the single focus. It can bring in, “You know what's missing here?” or “In addition, this is something else we can bring in.”


Having that compliment is what you're speaking to that could also influence. For you specifically, I know you said this whole idea of bringing in your intuition, you're noticing when humanity is in the present. The human is left in the background in service of the financials, the metrics, and that part. When you start to experiment with bringing more of that part of you into the workplace, tell us what happened.


When I started to experiment, I had reached a point where I didn't care as much anymore what other people thought and I was got to try this. The other piece to that was that as a leader, I was lonely. There's a lot of data that shows the higher you move up, the lonelier you can feel as a leader. I almost think I did it for myself by starting these tools and these activities because I was lonely as a leader. Tapping into the power that you have as a leader in a positive way is powerful.


Once I started to see them working, it was amazing. I'll show you because we've talked about it. We've referenced it a little bit. A lot of people I'm surprised but it's probably because of the world I'm in. They've never heard of this before but there's a company called the Flying Wish Paper and they sell these little kits. You can do this in the workplace. You can do this one-on-one and I think I sent you a kit, Valerie, but I'll have this one here.


I can do it for you. It comes with a little platform. This is the platform that my kit comes with. I'm bringing this up because of your question. This was one of the most impactful things I've seen done with a group of people. You can set a goal for your work life, maybe write three intentions down on the tissue. We're coming up on the full moon in a couple of days and the full moon is a great time to release and let go of something.


As a leader, if you're aware of the phases of the moon as I was, I would strategically pick that topic with my team, “Why don't we share with each other something we want to let go of in our life as a team build activity?” Each person would take some time to write down on the flying wish paper what they would like to let go of in their life. We can do that right now if you want to.


Let's do it. Something I want to let go of. I think I shared it with you. I have some lower back pain that's been nagging on me for a while and I'm doing some physical therapy work to help lose it up in yoga. I think I would love to let go of whatever the tension is. I find myself also having it sit a certain way or lean a certain way for it to not hurt. I want to be able to relax into it because I feel it's a lot of muscle tightness built over time. It’s releasing the tension. I want to let go of the tension in my body. I want to be free. I feel looser already by saying it. What about you? 


I'm going to put down that I want to give up not needing to know what happens next.


Put my name next to that one too.


I don't even know if that's proper grammar, but we've got to go with it. In our tarot gathering, I don't know if you remember, I pulled a spirit animal card for everyone at the end. Reba, one of our Berkeley coaches said, “Pull a card, Amy.” I pulled one for myself and it was the hummingbird and the message was to be here now. I'm going to stack on top of that today with I am going to give up the not needing to know what happens next and we're going to release your unnecessary tension.


You write that down. This is a beautiful time to do it because it's the full moon. You take this paper and you crumple it up. It's a fun visual when you have employees and a team. You smooth the paper out and then each person rolls it up again. Now it's crinkly. Let's hope this works on camera right now but if it doesn't, I promise you it actually works. This is the first time I've done this with somebody on camera live. You put it in a tube on this platform.


Please do not harm yourself or any of your equipment.


Don't try this at home. You light the top of it and we are going to let go of these two things right now that we talked about. Now it's going to fly up in the air. I'm going to catch it and show you. Usually, you can do it outside under the moon. It's ash now. Imagine the impact when you have everybody inside. It's floating around. I don't want to lose it because I caught it. I want to save it and you can bury it in your backyard if you have a little yard. You can put it in a little succulent plant you have. All the energy that you transmuted with that maybe can feed a new positive transformation or feed a new way or something like that.


This is one of my favorite activities because it has that wow factor where it burns down and then flies up into the air. When employees or coaches or whoever participates in that, it's so fun because they spend some time writing what they want to let go of or bring into their lives. When you go around and ask them to share, that's where the magic happens.


That's where people hear the vulnerability. Like you and I shared with each other. If you continue to do that with your team or with people, they will continue to come together in an even tighter or even closer way. I had one exercise where one of the guys in the group said, “I'm going to let go of the Redskins losing last weekend.” That's fine, whatever they're able to bring to the table and everybody laughed so we had some humor there. I had another team member say, “He was going to finally forgive his parents.” It was this huge moment and that was in the workplace. That was so cool. It's little tools like that that make it fun. It's bringing the fun back.


What is the exercise called again?


In my book, I call it the intention-setting exercise. The actual paper is Flying, like flying up in the air, Make a Wish Paper.


There you have it if you want to do a powerful intention-setting moment. I shared before that my birthday is my new year. My birthday is not till February, but that's the time when I go through what I want to let go of and what I want to claim for my life this year. I can almost see this as something we can do on birthdays or an anniversary or some meaningful rite of passage where people can let go of whatever the old is. New job, new home, new family, new something. To burn the old to usher space for the new.


I love that and you'll share with us where we can get your book or the flying wish paper and all that. I'll make sure to put the links and stuff too so that people have access to it, but I want to go back to something. I want to go deeper and you mentioned this in the very beginning. We did a group tarot reading. First of all, let's walk people through that because I think that was cool and it was something that you hadn't done quite that way before. Walk us through how that came to happen and what was it that you were hoping for in a group setting as opposed to one-on-one.


As an executive coach, my clients get to know me a little bit more, they realize the mystical side. Most people are attracted to me because they're meant to work with me. I don't go out seeking as much as you choose to work with me. Once they're comfortable, third or fourth session, maybe a client will say, “Can you pull a tarot card for me?” I might say, “Why don't we check the energies around this?” Once we're close and comfortable, that is how it comes about in a coaching session.


Our friend Allison, I meet up with her about once a week as a peer. Every week, we started doing tarot, talking about shadow work, or talking about oracle cards to help guide us and improve our spiritual intelligence. She pushed me into doing a group taro gathering. Anytime I do something like that, I always want to make sure I say that I'm not the leader. I'm just the facilitator because everybody has the answers within. I am not a fortune teller. I do not predict the future.


You can ask a question and I can be the vessel that pulls the cards that give you the messages and you know deep down inside what the messages are for you. That's where I'm coming from. We’ll pull what energies are surrounding your questions right now and you'll decide which way to go. I would say anybody who's predicting the future would be a little leery because we all make present-moment decisions that impact our future and we can change the trajectory of our life in a moment at any time.


We all make present-moment decisions that impact our future. We can change the trajectory of our lives in a moment at any time.

I'm glad that you said that because my experience or at least the perception that I had about tarot was that it was like a fortune teller type activity and it was about predicting the future. My experience with you was not that at all. You do say there's a past, present, and future energy. Can you explain a little bit about what that means?


In the tarot gathering we did, we decided to do past, present, and future readings because it was the shortest amount for a group that we could do and it was an easy spread. I think you noticed from the group, even with the past, present, and future, It was like here's your present, if you continue on this path, maybe these are the energies that are got to surround your future, and here are some choices you can make.


We also pulled a shadow card to work on the deep unconscious areas of ourselves that we might be hiding. What was cool in that group session was I didn't even realize it was happening. It was just flowing with it. I didn't have it planned. The shadow card was tied into the past, present, and future readings as to like here are some things you can work on to move forward positively. Maybe you need to clear some of this deep dark shadow stuff. Once that clears, the light shines on the future potential of what comes up.


You also said that after that you got amped up. It was energizing too. What was it about that experience that was so energizing to you?


The energy that we raised as a group together was powerful because I liked being the facilitator. We opened it up to where we talked about having a specific question so you don't get confused. A few of the women said, “I know what I want, but I don't have my question fully fleshed out.” As a group, we helped in a coaching way for each individual to pull out their specific question. That's very important when you're doing work like this because you want to be very clear on what your question is.


I can give an example. I did a tarot reading for a woman who wanted to know about purchasing her beach house and it came up very positive. One of the cards that came up in the reading was the Nine of Pentacles. It is traditionally an independent woman and has great finances. Everything is going to be great for her and it's a real auspicious card.


She reached out to me a couple of days later and said, “Does this mean I'm going to be single for the rest of my life?” Because it's an independent woman standing on her own in the card. That's why it's so important to me when we were doing that group session that we’re very clear on the question. I redirected her back. I said, “No, you didn't ask about your love life.” That's when you start spinning a little bit in fear. That's why it's great to have that clarified question to go with. Right when I remind her, she's like, “Never mind. I’m fine.”


I want to pull a card now that you’ve teased us with the magic in the mystical side of you. 


What do we want to do? I have the Shadow Work Deck with me. Let's roll with that one. Do you want to do a shadow card?


Why not? Let's go do it.


I usually use the traditional, it's called the Rider-Waite-Smith deck but this one is amazing because this one was specifically designed. Typically, I shuffle the deck three times. Since we're going to pull a shadow card, I can concentrate my energies on pulling one for you. You focus on the deck as well as you can and focus on what message the universe wants to send you to work on shadow work.


It doesn't have to be a specific question. It could be what the universe wants me to work on.


Not for shadow because we're going to pull one card. Shuffle this three times with the energy focus. Now feel one more. Sometimes in tarot, cards will jump out. They are called jumper cards. You didn't get a jumper but it was getting close. I was like,” What's happening here?” If you tell me which card is your card from the top, that'll be your shadow card.




I have been seeing this card over and over. This is the Ace of Pentacles. Our friend Becky, who is also an Executive Coach, gets this card all the time. This is a new journey in my career. This is an abundance in finances. Remember we asked shadow, so in order for you to crack open this Ace of Pentacles’ energy, we're going to look up the shadow workpiece from it. I can't believe I got the Ace of Pentacles again. That card has been coming up for a lot of Berkeley coaches.


How many Ace of Pentacles do you have in that deck?


One out of 78. The tarot has a major suit and then four minor suits. One of the minor suits is Pentacles and that's usually about career, finances, and things like that. It's the Earth, the Fall, and Autumn. Ace of Pentacles. We're going to ask some deep questions right now so you can crack this open. Have you been refusing to allow something natural or new to emerge?


I tend to want to control an outcome. That might be why. I can see that. Yes.


Have you refused to take any gifts that have been offered to you?


Refused to take any gifts? I'm always open to a good gift. I'm not sure.


I would explore that a little bit energetically. It doesn't have to be a tangible gift. Maybe the universe is offering an energetic gift that you need to look at and see a little bit more. That's the art in this card too. It's the hand of the Divine reaching out with something in it.


That's interesting you say that. What comes up for me now is that I tend to do things on my own because I feel it's more agile to do it, and so I don't always seek help as readily as I can. People might offer help, assistance, support of some sort, or whatever makes sense in the context of whatever I'm looking to do. Maybe it's being open to or even asking for it readily. That happens, or receiving support from other people in whatever way makes sense. I'm like, “I got this fast. I can do it quick,” rather than saying, “Help me out.”


What was it that you said in the first question, something about control or being too rigid?


What was interesting is during the last few months ever since George Floyd's murder and everything that's come out around systemic racism in the US and around the world too, I've been called in different ways, shapes, or forms by people to say, “Do you work on this? Is this something you do for organizations?” That's not what I say I do. It is not my forte, at least not in the conventional approach.


To your point, it is my challenge between the corporate and the mystic side of me. The mystic side of me is about how to bring people together, how to do it in a way that's humane, that honors, and that people understand each other beyond the protected categories. Beyond sex, religion, gender, race, ethnicity, and all of that, how do we go deeper?


I'd resisted for many months moving into what might that message be. It's been recently that I started having some conversations about how I can show up in that space in an authentic way and honor all of the things I need to deal with and honor all those other levels too. There's nothing wrong with working on those very deep traumatic experiences that people have. I also know that that's not my specialty. That's not the tool or the resource that I bring but I've resisted a lot even just, “Maybe I have a voice that I can I could play in that arena.” That’s recently and I have a couple of conversations that have been pointing me very surely in that direction. That's what comes up right now.


That's interesting too that you got the Ace of Pentacles for that because it's a new start. It's a new journey. It's Ace, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, you know how it goes in a card deck, and then now, it's these deep questions you need to ask to crack a new journey open, which is cool. What have you been taking taking for granted? Have you ignored important signs or omens?


I've been ignoring and taking for granted some of my own experiences. I had a conversation with a new connection. Somebody introduced me to this woman who I finally heard. She's an African-American woman and I shared with her, as a Panamanian woman who was black, my perspective and it is very different. I didn't grow up with a lot of the trauma around race that other blacks born in the US or raised in the US, especially in the South, where I spend most of my time living in the South. I didn't have that same perspective.


I don't have that same pain and I don't know how to speak to it from my perspective in a way that will honor that. She shared some things with me. She's like, “We need to hear your voices too.” I took for granted that the perspective I brought in that particular topic would have any value. This is like fresh bread right now, Amy. Coming out of the oven. It wasn't even baked yet, but I started to figure out, “There might be something here that I can support.” This is validating to that.


You can see how incorporating the tarot, without predicting or pretending like I know what's best for you, we can call on a higher energy or a higher intelligence or whatever that is for you or for me to come in like, “Let's give Valerie some thoughtful questions today.” That's what's so cool about the shadow work too. It asks us to work on ourselves rather than pointing the finger and pointing out what other people need to work on.


I launched Shadow Work with Create Magic at Work and every Sunday we have a shadow work theme with some questions to ponder. If we start focusing on ourselves rather than how others need to be, I think that's where healing the world will come into play.

Not Quite Strangers | Workplace
Workplace: If we start focusing on ourselves rather than how others need to be, the world will start to heal.

As we wrap up in the last few minutes that we have, what are some things that people could take advantage of you? You have mentioned you have a book, Create Magic at Work. I see right over your right shoulder there you have a poster. Talk to us a little bit about where people can find you and what resources, workshops, or groups that might be helpful for others.


It's easy. All you have to do is go to and all of the resource pages are there. I do want to mention this since we did the intention-setting exercise. I do this sparingly because it's a lot of work, but I'm willing to do it for your audience. If you purchase my book directly from the products page on my website, you'll get an actual signed copy of my book from me, I'll send you a free Flying Wish Paper kit. The art on it is secretly supposed to be me as the high priestess from the tarot.


There's some secret symbolism there, but I'll send you a cute package if you want to do that. Everything is on I have a membership club where they get cool stuff like this each month to play around with. Hopefully, you felt that we dug into some deep things but we almost made it fun and light with some of the tools. We talked about some deep transforming topics, but we made it fun with some beautiful art and some beautiful tools.


Absolutely and you mentioned a couple of things. First, the amount of respect, care, and love that exists within this particular group makes a difference because of how open people were, and others were also very open. That's number one. Number two, the way that you facilitated. I don't know if you seek to do more group sessions, but I recommend them. I think it is a great team bonding activity. I guess it depends on what people are wanting to get out of it. If they want to do something as a group to bring them together, this is super helpful for families and friends.


I can also see how your facilitation was to engage the others in asking those questions or in probing. You use the book and use some of your questions, but you solicited others to share what was coming up for them in this person's card choice or whatever. I think all of those moves enable people to start to see and interact with each other differently. Even afterward, I connected with a couple of people in the group and said, “That was so cool. What did you think about this?”


One in particular, because I brought up the whole muscle tension, Reba does Qigong and Tai Chi. I was like, “Maybe you can help me with moving some energy. That might be helpful.” I think those kinds of conversations or facilitated by by the tarot, as well as finding resources. Look at that. I already reached out for help. I'm not resisting anymore, Amy.


You're so right. It's so cool because I've studied this for years, but everybody has gifts that they have to share. What you're bringing up is how other people were getting messages in the group. I like to say or I've heard it explained that that's the universe giving you postcards. If somebody is listening to us right now and they saw the Ace of Pentacles and it hit them in that space in their body where it's resonating or the shadow questions I was asking you they're like, “Wait a minute, this is resonating with me,” the universe is sending you a postcard through Valerie's message.


That's why the group gatherings are so impactful. You can schedule a specific one with me through the coaching page. Bring your friends. In my membership group, I've opened up to two sessions that they can sign up for specifically. The membership group gets cool stuff like that. You can join the membership group too.


I would love that. Any final messages for us? Anything that you think would be helpful for people not only connect to you but also connect to themselves in this process.


I was thinking more considering everything we discussed today. Magic is everywhere. Look for the signs and look for the symbols. Trust yourself that you have the power within to follow those signs and symbols on your path and your journey.

Magic is everywhere. Look for the signs, and trust yourself that you have the power within.


I would add to that because you mentioned spiritual intelligence earlier. I'm a Christian but I also understand that God imbued all of us. God, Allah, the spirit, whatever name you call that energy imbued each and every one of us with wisdom and that spirit that lives inside of us is that wise inner guide. When you say to listen to ourselves, it is quieting ourselves. It's not listening to our ego. It’s not listening to the conditioned responses of our community, our society, or our families but to that wisdom that each of us has access to. That's how I interpret what you share. If that helps other people bend into this a little bit more, so be it. Amy, thank you so much.


Thank you. This was so much fun. I hope you and everyone enjoy it.


I don't take for granted that you shared a part of your magic with us. It's an area that you're still exploring and discovering for yourself but also finding ways to contribute and meaningful ways to people. Thank you for allowing us to participate in that.


Thank you. Of course, everyone who saw it was meant to see it. That's the beauty of it.


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Roald Dahl: “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”


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